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Christian Sunday Live


About Christian Sunday Live

The Team at Christian Sunday Live is on a mission to educate Christians on how to truly worship God and not fall prey to misconceptions and untruths.
What we believe in
We believe in teaching the word of God as it was meant to be taught, with no fanfare and with no false interpretations.
How we teach the word
Christian Sunday Live uses technology as its bedrock to spread the message to as many people as we can reach around the world.

“Pray! And listen to God! You can do this alone, but find somebody to do it with you”


Are you one of the many Christians who is fed up with church deceptions, corruption, and the vile thirst for wealth that some Pastors and Prophets are exhibiting? Have you been looking for Bible teachings that you can cross-check after you’ve been taught to see if the passage mentioned by the bible teacher actually says what he implied it did? Have you been looking for a way to study and actually understand God’s undiluted Word??

If all of this sounds appealing to you, look no farther than the CHRISTIAN SUNDAY LIVE, which will be led by dedicated Christian leaders who share your beliefs. We promise that you will be filled with such incredible knowledge of God that you will be among those who walk the face of the Earth knowing that when you die, you will go to Heaven!


Did you know that God Almighty never ordained song ministration in the church, the choir, solo performances, and Gospel music? Did you know that all forms of song ministration in the church are man-made without any commandment from God Almighty?
The revelation that song ministration was never ordained by God is the foundation of an entire topic of church song ministry, and why church song ministry has been taken over by indiscriminately clothed ladies.

It’s regrettable and pitiful that the majority of those involved in Gospel music and song ministry in churches are also involved in occultism, and why song ministry in churches is just another way for Satan to recruit millions of Gospel music-loving individuals to Hell!


As a layperson, how do I know what elements to look for when identifying a good preacher in church or anywhere else? Where should I look, and what should I be looking for? Is there a model for good preaching?


Because we believe that most shut-ins and individuals with disabilities have phones and communication devices, CHRISTIAN SUNDAYS LIVE intends to reach out to them and present them with excellent Bible teachings that will provide them with salvation and the prospect of going to Heaven!
Christian Sunday must be different from the world’s Sunday (our compromised Sabbath day) hence the name Christian Sunday. The leadership at Christian Sundays is committed to discovering a means to arm the people with the Gospel truth since lack of scriptural understanding is to blame for the deception and liars in the church of Christ.


We’re guessing you’ll be surprised to find that Jesus Christ commanded us not to perform water baptism? You’re probably aware that Apostle Paul had a very successful ministry and that he worked harder than any of the other Apostles put together.

Did you know, however, that Apostle Paul completed his ministry without performing Water Baptism because Jesus Christ commanded it? We’ll also show you how to have a Superior Spirit Waterless Baptism while still being eligible for Heaven!


The doctrine of Holy Communion in churches is based on commercially manufactured wafers, unleavened bread, and wine sold in religious stores.

Yet, there is the Bread that Jesus Christ showed us to use for Holy Communion and the churches are NOT using that Bread! So, what do you suppose the Pastors and Bishops are initiating you into when all of these churches give you that factory-made Holy Communion?